Skin Rejuvenation occurs through a programme of specific modalities with the aim to restore a youthful appearance to the skin. Non-surgical procedures can target specific depths of facial structures and treat localised skin such as wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and scarring and damaged capillaries. It restores health to the skin allowing for improved skin function and appearance. It is best maintained by specifically recommended skincare bio available topical Vitamins, peptides and sunscreen. 

We understand that you may not be aware of the benefits of the different devices we use so we have outlined a general explanation of each below.


Microdermabrasion is a system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing by using either ultra-fine crystals or a diamond tip. In the case of crystals, the crystals strike the skin to remove its outer layer, known as the stratum corneum. At the same time, a vacuum tube sweeps up both the crystals and the skin’s cellular debris. Diamond tip microdermabrasion uses vacuum assistance to gently pull on the skin whilst the diamond tip exfoliates the top skin layer.


Hydrabrasion is the latest in aesthetic technology to polish, refine and hydrate the skin in the one treatment.
The microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cell buildup on the skin surface while the water hydrabrasion treatment cleanses the skin further and provides hydration. The polishing tip gives skin additional radiance and smoothness. 


• Improving the skin's colour, clarity, tone and texture.
• Stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell growth, resulting in a radiant complexion.
• Reducing discoloration caused by sun damage.
• Helping to clear up breakouts.
• Smoothing away the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Iontophoresis uses Galvanic current to introduce serums into the deeper layers of the skin, where absorption of topical ingredients usually would not be able to occur.


• Targets acne
• Lightens pigmentation
• Heals and soothes skin post-surgery, laser or peel
• Sanitizes the skin for extractions, making extractions and debris removal easier and resulting in a reduction of acne breakouts 


Using Galvanic current and a specialised serum, désincrustation is ideal for oily and breakout-prone skin. It helps soften the blockages in follicles, as well as saponification of sebum and keratin within the skin, allowing for easier extractions.


High Frequency is a popular skincare treatment that delivers a high frequency current to the skin and underlying tissue – generating warmth within the skin and stimulating nerve endings. This treatment modality is used for a variety of conditions, including acne, enlarged pores, fine lines, and puffy or dark eyes.


A manual massage technique that is used to improve lymphatic circulation. It can assist many conditions such as puffy eyes, sallow skin, moderate acne and dehydrated skin.


The Cutera Limelight is TGA listed, medical grade light technology. It can be used to treat skin redness, brown spots, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.
This non-invasive light treatment can be customized for different skin tones and aging skin conditions. The result is an exceptionally effective skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal discomfort. The Limelight procedure improves skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photodamage. One to three treatments is usually recommended to see significant results, although this can vary.  


• Improves skin barrier.
• Can reduce wrinkles by supporting collagenases can plump skin and lips. When skin is firmer and plumper, wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible.
• Improve elastosis caused by premature aging
• Eases inflammation
• Can help clear breakouts. 


This revitalizing rubber mask is formulated with age-defying and moisture-boosting ingredients to instantly soothe post-treatment skin for a visibly softer and smoother appearance. Pineapple enzymes help gently exfoliate away impurities, while the red algae extract promotes a firmer-looking complexion. Sculpted is formulated with innovative, colour-changing technology to notify professionals when ingredients have been optimally released for the most desirable results.

• Helps improve skin texture for visibly younger-looking skin
• Exfoliates dead skin cells for softer, smoother and brighter-looking skin
• Helps soothe and moisturize the skin with gentle ingredients